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Product Review: Selle Royal Contour


The The Selle Royal Contour is back. A re-ride of the original 1972 Contour.

According to Selle Royal, it was the first saddle to consider the relationship between

saddle fit, the human anatomy, comfort and performance.

I recently got a hold of a white microtex covered model and took it out for a brisk 40 miles this morning.


Its was quite surprising to me how unassuming this saddle is.

I mean, white saddles always manage to be more conspicuous than than darker ones.

But, the Contour has made its point over the past 40 years, and knows how to do its job discreetly rather well:

Be classic.

Be comfortable.

Designed and shaped with slightly visible indents toward the rear of the saddle,

the Contour provides a ‘natural’ platform for sit bones.

Like the original Contour, this saddle includes two hardly visible indents,

providing a pre-shaped sitting surface for the sit bones and requiring zero break-in time.


Speaking of break-in time, If you know me, you know I swear by Brooks.

All my bikes have a Brooks saddle and most with Brooks leather bar wrap to match.

Though there is always that first few weeks where Brooks tests your love to some degree.

As I headed east towards Stone Mountain with Justin and John this morning.

I even forgot I was on a new saddle.  In fact, I forgot about my saddle completely.


Justin Barber below, an FM:Race teammate and ALTA colleague had a buddy, John, in town from Nashville.


We decided on rolling out to Stone Mountain and doing a long loop then heading back. A cool 40 miles.

I take that back.  A cold 40 miles.


John had hoped to get some time on the road while in town on a short visit and I think he got his wish!

The cold kept the streets and especially Stone Mountain Park pretty vacant. That was a great bonus.


Beautiful weather, minimal wind and hardly any cars on the street?


What more could you ask for?

Apin' it.

How about a unique piece of cycling heritage that is as at home on a period specific build from the 1970’s,

an around the town fixie, or even a modern road racing rig?  The Contour fits the bill across the board.

Not only do Brooks require breaking in, but most saddles require time to get taint acquainted.

Right off the bat, The Contour let me focus on riding whilst lending timeless style to my steed.


For more photos of this morning’s ride, check ’em here on flickr and more info on the Contour go here.

If you are in Atlanta looking to treat yourself, or that special cyclist in your life to some Contour comfort,

contact the fine folks at Loose Nuts Cycles in Grant Park.  Or purchase direct at origins.selleroyal.com

The Selle Royal Contour