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The #Festive500 Day 3 2013

After several drops in the #festive500 500km bucket, I rolled out just after 6am today determined to put a dent in this annual obsession/rewarding endeavor. A quick loop northward to #Purmerend then a 9am rendezvous with @randomitus, @unpaved_cc & Michiel (who I had randomly met once before right after my move when my @611bicycleco caught is eye). We embarked on a loop to #TheHague & @lolabikesandcof. But #Lolabikesandcoffee was closed! We made a straight shot back to Amsterdam and after I had stopped to pick up pastries, chocolate milk and a loaf of bread, I had knocked out 211km! Next big ride may be Sunday for a 270km slog with @frankthetank_ftyc & co. Thank you Marc, William and Michiel for an amazing day on the bike!

The ride on Strava: https://www.strava.com/activities/102008502

Image via Instagram