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FM:Race 2011 Road Ride

Text from here: fastermustache.org/race/route/2011

Every week on Thursday, FM:Race meets up for a road ride, leaving The Gear Revival on Marietta Street at 6:45pm. Some things to know:

FIRST RIDE: March 17th, 2011. – this is the route we’ll start with! It may change as we decide that this one particular hill is too much or as roads get washed away by floods.

  • 29 miles
  • 3100ft of climbing including 10 “K.O.M. quality” climbs
  • Less than 2 hours start to finish, including regrouping once towards the middle.
  • Average pace is UNKNOWN, but not slow.
  • Loop is ridden clockwise
  • It’s not no drop, but we don’t ride too hard on the flats and tend to go easy after the tops of hills. The emphasis is on the terribleness of the climbs. That said, some fast people will always be off the front and they may or may not know the route.
  • There is only one regroup: The Exxon on Paces Ferry at i-75 which is almost exactly half-way in. Theres a spigot for filling up water bottles there.

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