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An Epic Ride Around Roanoke with Stratton of Keirin Culture


Recently I visited a long time friend of mine, Stratton Delaney, owner of Keirin Culture & Kazane Bikes.

My time in Roanoke was limited so we opted for a morning ride.  I was entrusted with a steel Rossin and

Stratton rode a carbon Kazane Arashi.  I had a feeling we’d be tackling some serious scenery. And we did.

Our morning started early.  We stopped by Keirin Culture. Got our bikes and cruised over to Breadcraft.

After some scones and coffee we embarked towards our first climb, Mill Mountain & the Roanoke Star.


People have put on time trials here for years there. Former pro Brian Walton still has the record.

Below you see the star among the power lines. Its alluring appeal made the climb no less difficult.


The vertical rise of the course is slightly over 900 feet and switched back time and again.

This always tricks you into thinking you are on the last turn.  nope. nope. still not. keep climbing…


The finish line is located next to the overlook at the base of the iconic Roanoke Star that earns the town its

namesake as the “Star City of the South”.  Below you’ll see the world’s largest illuminated man-made

free-standing star.  And, to think as I crested the summit I thought it was a cell phone tower. Not quite.


Obviously we’re stoked.


After a refresshing almost chilly descent, we got on to the Blue Ridge Parkway.

Its a National Park road that stretches from near Charlottesville, VA all the way to Asheville.


Stratton claims that it’s one of he best roads in the country to ride on.  I can’t say I have ever seen better.

The views were amazing and paired with rolling terrain & well preserved pavement, I couldn’t ask for more.

Except for well, more climbing.


Next was  Explore Park. It has some really good mtb trails. In fact, its a mountain biker’s dream come true.


Infrequently, when we were descending so fast or climbing so hard, I managed to snap some shots.


Its not hard to see the appeal here. If Rapha Continental is looking for a uniquely challenging and scenic

locale for their next East Coast stop, they need not to look any further. Roanoke really blew me away.


Each climb rewarded us with yet another grand view.  And we didn’t even cover all the bases!


All told it was an unreal amount of beauty and perfect dose of pain for a morning ride.

Thank you Stratton for the tour of what Roanoke’s country roads have to offer!

More photos from the ride are here and more about Stratton & Keirin Culture is here.


Keirin Culture, Home of Kazane Bikes in Roanoke


The last stop on my road trip thru DC, NJ & PA was in Roanoke to visit my long time friend

Stratton Delaney of Keirin Culture & Kazane Bikes.  I’ve mentioned before that I first

bought my UNO from Stratton way back in 2005. ( Again, HIDEOUS bar wrap, I know.)

Both Stratton and I have covered a lot of ground in 5 years and it was nice to finally see him

in his shop which he opened here  in November of 2009, garnering some local press.


He has his shop stocked and set up uniquely.

That is, that the bikes and parts in stock cover the common basics yet also coveted rarities

and everything is displayed creatively, like the custom display above.

Beyond the inventory and array of eye candy are trinkets from racing in Japan and Korea.


If Stacey and I hadn’t of been so hungry, I could’ve spent hours trolling around picking

Stratton’s brain about the goodies I found. He’s collected quite the treasure trove in here.


As you can see he has the shop laid out rather nicely.

Its great for hanging out and easily finding exactly what you need.


Once I had pulled myself from the brick wall of  Alans and Quattro Assis, I spotted this beauty:


This Ghibli Rossin is currently on consignment at Keirin Culture for only right at $1000.

That’s COMPLETE not just frame and fork!

I was lucky enough to take it on a test ride the next day & seriously considered bringing it home with me.


Stratton has been in the cycling game for a long time and has contributed more than he has collected.

Roanoke is lucky to have him and his neighbor Aaron of 611 Cycles.

Aaron had just left for the beach the day we arrived and I was unable to check out his shop.

If you ever find your self near or in Roanoke, be sure to check Keirin Culture and 611 out.

No matter where you are, you should follow Kazane on twitter and follow Aaron’s blog.

More photos from the visit are on my flickr.  I’ll be back next year for the inaugural Starlight Crit!