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Faster Mustache at Dick Lane Velodrome’s WayPoint Systems presents ‘The Keirin’

The Keirin

The WayPoint Systems presents ‘The Keirin’ went down way back on May 14th.

This was day of solidarity and teamwork for FM:RACE.

A strong showing in all categories and the main Keirin event.

We welcomed a renewed and ever larger presence on the banks walls down in East Point.

Courtesy FrenchKheldar
Photo courtesy FrenchKheldar

Above is FM:Race recent addition Stafford Brooke. He faced off against a B field stacked with strong opposition.

In several well executed and unified advances, FM made some great attacks.

Below Chris Kelly pulls up track as Stafford and Jason Atwood complete a three man pull off the front

Jason, Stafford & Chris

Off the track the team was well represented as well with Jim Hodgson performing honorable deeds by belting out our nation’s anthem with style.

Great Singing from Jim

Another recently christend FM’er is Brian ‘Bubba T.’ Tester.

Brian really had the most savage duty of the day.

Pitted head to head against future Olympians, local PROs and current National Champions, he stomped out a solid effort competing against some of the fastest velodrome athletes in our country today.

Brian Tester

A personal highlight for me may have started below. Or at least the photo preambles the failed attempt that became my highlight of the day.

Justin Barber provided excellent coverage as I made my 110% blowout attempt off the front in the 15 Lap Win and Out.

Photo Courtesy Timothy J

In a split second, I decided to make an attack with two to go. The peloton had been going on and off and when everyone sat down I stood up. Not really considering entirely how viable my strategy would be. Thanks to Justin pushing my adversaries towards the boards and effectively slowing the whole pack down, I had way more of a chance then I ever would have had alone.

Thank you again Justin!

Photo Coutesy Carlos J

Pictured above and captured below by Colin Chappelle are two remnants of my valiant gesture.

Had I waited to sprint, the chance would have been gone but the win was just out of my reach at that distance!

Below is the day’s champ Matt Baranoski. A 17 year old track cyclist and specialist in sprint events and the keirin. Racing track since he was 6 years old at Lehigh Valley Velodrome. In just over 10 years, he has won numerous junior national championships, a medal at junior worlds and an elite national championship. And, now second time in a row, The DLV Keirin!

Matt Baranoski

More photos here and the day’s results are here. A write up of the preceding day’s Zipp Need For Speed Sprints is here.

Lastly, to convey how skullcrushingly brutal the final Keirin was, crank your measly computer speakers to 11, hit fullscreen and press play:

Thank you for a great event Jeff & co. I look for forward to years and years of Keirins at the DLV!

WayPoint Systems presents ‘The Keirin’ at Dick Lane Velodrome

The Keirin at Dick Lane Velodrome is the first of three Pro Race Series events in 2011.

As last year’s write up illustrates: this will be a major blast for the competitors and especially the crowd.

If you’re not familiar with Keirin racing, it is perhaps the single most intense track event.

That is next to the Madison’s featured in the Working Man’s Madison and Pro Race Event.

Check out the Chaz using his head below last year.

Chaz 'using his head'

You don’t wanna miss this!

Racing starts at 3pm, Main Event kicks off from 6pm | $5 Spectator Entry | $10 for Families

Here’s the Startlist!

More spectator information can be found here.

Looks like kiddie Keirin rider Otto is ready to throw down the gauntlet!

Ready to Ape

And TOMORROW, Friday May 13th, 7pm:

The ZIPP Need for Speed Sprints!

This event is FREE for spectators

Big thanks to this event’s sponsors:

The Keirin Short Film Premiere


Tonight was the first screening of the DLV’s first film: The Keirin at Push Push Theater in Decatur.


A large crowd of track regulars both racers & spectators came out to view this bound to be awesome film.


Jeff Hopkins, the director at Dick Lane Velodrome, shared a few words about the film & Push Push.

And then pressed play…


The Keirin is a short film shot & produced by Lucius Williams.

It revisits the action at the DLV‘s first Pro Race Series event of the year, Ethic, Inc presents ‘The Keirin’.

I was blown away at how well put together this was.  That day’s action as perfectly captured.

The footage is spectacular, superbly edited, has a jammin soundtrack and did I mention ACTION?


Above it David Espinoza. He won the Keirin event both last year and this year.

He is the US Collegiate Kilo, Sprint National Champion & aiming for the US track team for 2012 London.

Additionally he, tied with Andy Lakatosh, broke the 200m track record at Dick Lane with 11.03 seconds.

Seeing athletes of this caliber from this perspective was but one of the highlights of this film.

It portrayed our track in a way we had never seen: cinematically.

Seeing the DLV on the big screen was great!


It was a nice to share this screening with friends tonight. I look forward to getting a personal copy soon!

Lucius & the Dick Lane Velodrome will be sharing it with the world online sometime this week!

Keep it dialed to dicklanevelodrome.com for more info and make it out to see Push Push this summer!

*Watch the film here*

Locked up