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Matt Reeves, Atlanta Messenger

Matt Reeves

Met up with Matt downtown earlier this week. He was one of the main NACCC organizers last year.

We met at the courthouse.  I was applying to become a notary and Matt offered to sign as an ‘endorser’.

Back when i was a fulltime student, I was always downtown.  Everyday. I totally miss it.

I miss riding in the midday traffic, in the areas of Atlanta that feel like a city.

I had fun rolling with him for a few stops.  Keeping up on my Civia was pretty tough.


One pick up was rather strange.  I think the run was from a food processing plant to a restaurant direct.

He said he was picking up some freshly pickled ginger.  I laughed.  What? Really?

Pick up

Meanwhile, I scoped out his Leader workbike.  The ever reliable Shimano Tiagra group with Sram cranks.

Of course Thomson stem and seatpost and a classic Turbo saddle topping it off.

Continental Gatorskins are really the only way to go in my opinion.

Leader Work Bike

Yep.  A freaking heavy duty jar of ginger. Don’t let that bust open in your bag man!

Ginger pick up

I needed to go and Matt now had his last delivery of the day.  We headed north on Peachtree.

Matt, Mashin it

Passing through 5 points instantly reminded me how EVERYONE is ready to lay it all on the line to jaywalk.


I’m always commuting from Grant Park to Buckhead and need to get downtown more often!

It was good riding with you Matt! Look out for him this season at the track on his new Gan Well Pro!

Turn Lane