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Death Pedal 2 Atlanta Premiere Recap


Death Pedal 2 premiered here in Atlanta last night. It was a fundraiser for the upcoming Atlanta NACCCs.

With a massive turnout, sponsors stacked to the ceiling, free beer and of course, a spectacular film, the evening a huge blast start to finish.

Pictured above is the film’s director Kareem Shehab getting gnar on a box he built just for occasion.


The event’s space accommodated plenty of space for tricks and several riders took advantage of that.

In addition to the boxes there was a quarter pipe. Alex Johnson, pictured below, represented Atlanta along with…



Chris Tavel of Loose Nuts from Athens.


He suffered a substantial blow to his rear wheel.

Good thing he sets the bar for wheelbuilding in Georgia and beyond.


My good friend Bobby Costello got on Kareem’s bike and immediately busted out some old school moves.


There were SO MANY sponsors! The raffle was a huge hit and I doubt anyone left without something!

Throughout the entire evening sick prizes from around the world were awarded and tossed to the crowd.


After some heavy duty delays due to technical difficulties, the film finally began.

I had missed the premiere in Richmond during NAHBS and had been looking forward to this for a long time.


Franco of XTM Online hooked up the visuals and helped sort out the audio issues to get the ball rolling.


The crowd had been patiently waiting as well and most everyone stuck it out and waited to see what they had came for.

Death Pedal 2 featured footage that, in my opinion, tops the genre.

Not only does the film feature riders from coast to coast like Wonka, Congo, Corey Vulture, Matt Spencer, AJ Austin and Eric Puckett but cinematically its in a league of its own.

I totally agree with Bic Control, that the soundtrack is indeed killer and combined with epic footage and Kareem’s animation,

Death Pedal 2 is like no other fixed gear film you’ve seen.

Photo by John Hargraft from Torey's flickr

Torey ‘Hfwido’ Thorton, pictured above, hails from Macon, GA.

Torey really pulled out all the stops for his part in Death Pedal 2. Of course it was rad to see lots of spots from here in Atlanta but the real jammer, the  mondo kicker that that the film ends with, is what took the cake!

Torey also runs a blog called wrahw.  Check it out!


Once the film ended there was even MORE prizes to be had.

It seemed like they certainly saved the best for last and one lucky guy got real freaking lucky:


My friend Scott’s homie Brien musta bought all the golden raffle tickets because he went home with a VAGX bag, Dodici rims, a Fabric Horse Belt. EDIT: AND an Eighth Inch Scrambler! WTF?!


Another prize highlight was Sean of SKIDPHOTO, who won a Volume Cutter from Shop Cultur.

Yet another Cutter to add to his stable!


Ok, that’s a ‘wrahwp’! Thank you to Kareem and everyone who rode the film for such an epic movie.

Thanks to everyone who attended and made the event such a success! More photos are here.

Make sure you attend a premiere nearest you or get your very own DP2 DVD here.

p.s. if you won the Ria’s, Sauced or Stone Soup gift certificates, I forgot to bring em! Send me an email to claim your prize!

Ok, see everyone at the track on Wednesday! dicklanevelodrome.com

Atlanta Death Pedal 2 Premiere
Saturday, April 10th

This Saturday! Atlanta Death Pedal 2 Premiere!

This is gonna be a good one. I mean, you know… we got Fat Tire hooking it up with multiple kegs, TONNNS of prizes from our sponsors with Eighth Inch hooking up a bike to win. What could be better? Also trying to drum up some funds for the North American Courier Cycle Championships of which Atlanta is the host city this year.

As with the other Death Pedal 2 Premieres, this will be the only one in this region (southeast). There really won’t be a lot of chances to see the film so I hope people don’t sleep on it!

More info: www.death-pedal.com/news/2010/04/death-pedal-2-atlanta-th…

April 7 EDIT: Full Write-up HERE