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“Be Flexible, I am”

This is the second of several posts I have had pending for almost a month now.

I want to illuminate some of the experiences from my last trip to San Francisco.

Philipp & I owe our stop at Trouble Coffee entirely to Andy of Box Dog Bikes.

And in more ways than one: he lent us the bikes to get us there and gave us the tip to stop by.

I am real glad we did.

front wide

As chance would have it, it was St. Patrick’s day.

That had zero impact on how awesome Trouble was

but did illicit the informative signage stage left above.

coffee bags

Their roast is named Elbow Grease.

Just like after puttin the hurt on some to-do list items and savoring the sweet satisfaction of a job well done.

This coffee brings that same simmering sense of serenity to your cup.


Tapes at Trouble Coffee

Did I mention they garner an impeccable taste in music?

You wish you could press play, i know you do.

no masks

Another cassette tape and some house rules.

Every brick and mortar business should adopt this common sense head wear ban.

Philipp had a latte. I enjoyed a double espresso.  We both had a slice of cake.

We were halfway through a solid day of SF sightseeing and were both so glad we made it a point to stop by.

Before we departed we spoke with Julietta, the owner.

She saw me snapping away and asked:

“oh no, you’re not gonna blog about this… Are you?”


and here it is. : ) Thanks for the great coffee and hospitality!

Head over to their webstore and get a dose of Elbow Grease, monthly or even weekly. Right to your door.

After we left, we headed to pay Dustin Klein of Cadence Clothing a visit...