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Proud to be featured on the @Vulpinecc Blog!

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I’ve had the honor of working with the kind & brilliant team at Vulpine several times in the past few years and always meant to contribute something meaningful to their blog.

…life is fast paced for almost everyone and you can’t lead out, all the time.

Well, today we published a story about being forced off the back in races and how it has become an allegory that has influenced my life off the bike as well. By this I mean, life is fast paced for almost everyone and you can’t lead out, all the time. For me personally, the past almost two years have been the most frenetic, fast paced and chaotic yet. I’ve been dropped a few times but I’m still in it to win it!

Read more about The Importance of Getting Dropped here.

European Touches ~ Vol. 9 ~ Launch of Vulpine Apparel

UK-based cycling apparel company „Vulpine“ launches today, March 14th – about two weeks ago

I sat down with Nick, the founder and owner of Vulpine and asked him about the first products,

the difficulties of starting a business and his passion for cycling.

After the release of the first teaser shots of the Vulpine garments on road.cc a few weeks ago I

dared to ask Nick if he wanted to meet me as I’d be in London for a couple of days at

the end of February. I didn’t think he’d be interested in talking to me, after all europeantouches.cc is

still in the earliest stages and not very well know, but Nick didn’t care and said, „size doesn‘t matter“. ; )

Vulpine Clothes - Rain Jacket

So we ended up meeting at „Look Mum No Hands“, the social center of the cycling community

in London as Nick called it. It is kind of a hybrid between a bikeshop with two full-time mechanics

and a cafe/restaurant. I got there a little early, but it was great to sit there with a

coffee and just watch the people as it was packed with all kinds of folks.

The place was buzzing around lunchtime.

Nick is the kind of guy who seems to have done anything from running a nightclub in Manchester

to working in the film industry. Needless to say it was fascinating to listen to him. If you want to

find out more, head over to www.europeantouches.cc and read the full interview.

Vulpine Merino Jersey

Philipp, the site’s former/current Germany based correspondent, has been running the show over @EuropeanTouches since last year. He’ll be in Italy covering Milan San Remo.  Follow him on twitter and instagram!